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The DSSG was founded as "Diplomatic Order of the Knights of Saint Gabriel" on 29 September 1996 in the United Nations Headquarters, New York City. The order was founded as a professional fellowship among diplomats, consuls, international civil servants and other international relations professionals in line with the principles and ethos of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights (IACK).


Its founding members hailed from Colombia, Mozambique, Slovakia, the Philippines and the United States.With additional members representing or resident in Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Georgia, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Malta , Marshall Islands, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Seychelles, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Turkey, and several other nations.

Members serve on a number of UN organizations

The Humanitarian award has been given to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Philippine contingent from the Armed Forces who have served in East Timor, Iraq, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast and Kosovo.

The Knights of St. Gabriel is also a member of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights who associated organizations have over three million members. A number in excess of 30 of the UN member nations. IACK members span the world united in a common faith and consider each other as brothers. IACK member organizations exist in Austria, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand ,Mexico, Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Nigeria, Gambia, Pakistan, South Africa, U.S.A. and the United Kingdom

The DSG welcomes Catholic diplomats and international relations professionals from all nations. Gentleman members are known as Knights of Saint Gabriel, while lady members are organized in a parallel manner as Dames of St. Gabriel. The youth wing of the society are composed of Squires of St. Gabriel.

The Knights of St. Gabriel, a fraternal organization, promotes the advancement of the diplomatic profession, spiritual development and brotherly fellowship. It also seeks to be a catalyst for furthering the humanitarian work of the international community, of the Church, the United Nations, states and civil society.

Humane Diplomacy Traditional Diplomacy and negotiation skills with the ability to develop humanitarian assistance. The DSSG has a policy of maintaining relations with major worldwide aid NGO’s to achieve these goals. When charitable Aid is required the Knights of Saint Gabriel can advocate in behalf of the needy.

Mediation ,Conflict Dispute Resolution, Interfaith works

The DSSG can make available a team of retired or impartial diplomats to help negotiate conflict resolution when requested to do so. Faith based negotiation to provide a convergent framework for peacebuilding and long term conflict resolution. Proper faith based diplomacy allows for the development of multi-faith inter-communal networks between faiths. Peace building by these means can be cemented in legally binding and verifiable agreements with unilateral pragmatic results.

The Archangel Gabriel is the Patron Saint of Diplomats. He is recognized as "God's Messenger' by the Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths.

By a Decree dated 14th. of April 1992.the International Alliance of Catholic Knights was given official recognition by the Vatican as an International Catholic Association of the Faithful of the Roman Curia, in accordance with codes 298 – 311 and 321 – 329 of the Code of Canon Law.
The International Alliance of Catholic Knights has over three million members worldwide

We are also registered as a non-profit organization with the Secretary of State of Washington. And listed with the World Council of Churches, The World Non-Governmental Organization & The USA Military Archdiocese in Washington ,DC as stated above

NOTE: The St Gabriel organization shall not require its members, particularly those working with a particular government or inter-governmental organizations, to undertake any activity which may pose a potential conflict of interest between membership in the Association and the policies and interests of the government or organization to which a member owes allegiance.




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